Diego Silva
Project Manager at Katalyst, a Klick Company

“To describe Sidra’s level of talent in a few sentences would be an injustice. She is a well-rounded designer with the ability to communicate her ideas to both clients and developers. Her wealth of knowledge in UX practices and product mapping makes her workflow precise and her designs very user focused. My time working with her was eye-opening in that I had never experienced such depth of knowledge and creativity from someone in her position. She excelled in client meetings, taught our junior designers essential skills, and masterfully created websites and web apps that impressed clients every time.

Sidra is a very friendly, open minded and helpful individual who often puts others ahead of herself. I highly recommend her as a great addition to any team.”

Mustefa Jo’shen,
Founder, Design Cofounders

“Sidra is the rarity in designers. Insight, foresight, design thinking, and core design execution. She gets it, and translated all of this to help us launch our consultancy @tailoredUX, from design to strategic project management, and communication. I’m not sure how else to say it… a rarity.”

Jason Goodman
Managing Director, You X Labs

“Sidra is a authentically passionate designer that I had the pleasure to collaborate with for a branding & narrative project. She’s not interested in designing for anything other than optimal impact because she believes what all great designers believe: that design can actually improve peoples lives. Whats more – often the lives that Sidra cares most about are those of children with various health related issues. Her heart is as big as her talent.”

Stéphanie Heyraud
Medical Writer at imc North America

“Sidra turns any collaboration into a whole new experience and she makes “thinking out of the box” meaningful. Her passion, incredible knowledge and talent drive projects above and beyond. She puts the client at the center of the process, thus delivering the best possible product and experience. She strives for success–no less–leading everyone with her to the top by listening, guiding, and providing advice, training and encouragements. All of this wrapped into a great sense of humor.”